Common Personal Injury Claims and How LegalStream Can Help

It’s bad enough when you get injured because of a negligent third party. It’s even worse when you bear the responsibility to go through the frustrating claims to get compensated. So, what’s the solution?

As Apple’s trademarked saying goes, there’s an app for that. In this post, we’d like to highlight 5 common personal injury claims and how LegalStream is the app for that.

5 Common Personal Injury Claims

Since these claims are quite common, most general personal injury attorneys in San Antonio will have enough experience to help you with these cases. The 5 personal injury claims that attorneys fill out the most include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Product liability
  • Premise liability
  • Slip & fall accidents
  • Medical malpractice

Motor vehicle accidents

Car accident claims are the most common personal injury claim that gets filed in the United States every year. Note that accidents with other motor vehicles occur too. This includes boats, motorbikes, airplanes, buses, and so forth. Most motor vehicle accidents are the result of drivers driving under the influence or carelessness.

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Product liability

Reputable companies and businesses have strict guidelines to ensure that their products are safe before they reach the market. But, accidents and oversight can still happen. Product liability means that defective products reached consumers, and those defects caused harm or damage. If a consumer is harmed as the result of the product, it would make the distributor or manufacturer liable.

Premise liability

Premise liabilities are those that happen on another person’s property. This property extends beyond just a house and can include malls, grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and so forth. Most premise liability claims are filed because of dangerous conditions or faulty equipment that the victim wasn’t aware of within that premise.

Slip & fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents are way more dangerous than they originally seem. These accidents can cause damage to areas like the neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and even the head. In fact, slips and falls are common culprits of brain injuries and hip fractures which both require immediate medical attention.

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Medical malpractice 

Medical malpractice is defined as any act or omission by a physician or nurse that deviates from acceptable norms of practice and causes harm. Examples include surgical mistakes, misdiagnosis, birth injuries, prescription errors, and improper treatment. Most medical malpractice claims are brought up because healthcare professionals failed to deliver competent care, either intentionally or by mistake. 

Note: When submitting medical documents for your claim, make sure the website or client portal you are using is HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliance means that your sensitive health data is safeguarded and protected. There’s an app for that. If you’re using LegalStream for your case, know that our portal is 100% HIPAA compliant.

We’re LegalStream – There’s an App for That

keep calm there is an app

Need to find and connect with attorneys and healthcare provider solutions in San Antonio? There’s an app for that. LegalStream is that app in case you haven’t caught on. In all seriousness, we’re proud to make the claims process easier and free.

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