Personal Injury Cases: Time is Essential

People who have been injured by the negligence of others, such as auto collisions, on-the-job injuries where there is no workers compensation, slip and falls, and others have the right to file a claim.

In every personal injury case time is essential right after the injury. The location needs to be investigated and photographed, videos preserved, vehicles inspected, and witnesses interviewed. Too often, people wait to seek our assistance until after evidence has already deteriorated or disappeared. Often, the crash scene no longer looks the same and the vehicle has already been sold for salvage by the insurance company, slip and fall videos have been erased, or witnesses recollections are no longer as reliable.

If you think you might need representation in an injury matter, please contact an auto accident attorney as soon a possible. It is not wise to wait until after the responsible party or the insurer has proven to be unreasonable. No matter what promises might have been made initially, it is common for the promises to be broken when the time comes to pay.

If you choose not to employ an attorney immediately after the injury, please at least follow these simple instructions.

  • If you think that you might be injured, you should not waste time in seeking medical attention. Too often, cynical insurance adjusters and defense attorneys will interpret toughness and a normal desire to heal naturally as an indication that the injury is minimal. Likewise, you should not waste time in filling prescriptions. This can be interpreted as meaning that the pain or the injury was not bad.
  • Send a letter to the location where you were injured requesting that all videotapes of the area be preserved.
  • Do not allow your vehicle to be taken by any insurance company until after you have photographed it thoroughly and had the photos developed. Take lots of photos. You should still be cautious about releasing it if a professional inspection of the vehicle might be necessary.
  • Thoroughly photograph all physical injuries. Thoroughly photograph the scene of the incident. Get the photos developed immediately, preferably double prints.
  • Document the names, addresses, telephone numbers, employers, and driver’s license numbers of all witnesses and parties.
  • Start a list of everyone that you come into contact with regarding your injury, from law enforcement personnel to medical professionals.
  • Call a motorcycle accident lawyer if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by a reckless driver.

The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an accident lawyer or slip and fall accident attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.