What Does Personal Injury Lawyer Software Do?

Is your law firm tired of managing thousands of documents, hauling heavy boxes to court, and waiting for snail mail to be received so you can get on with reducing client bills? If so, it’s time to move away from the file cabinet scramble! Many personal injury lawyers and law firms are seeking simple, cohesive ways to simplify their business. Luckily, in this digital era, personal injury lawyers can lean on advancements in technology to effectively and efficiently manage cases.

The solution to reaching your law firm’s full potential is opting into a personal injury lawyer software plan. These modern plans offer online features that will smooth out many aggravating bumps in your business, like requesting bill reductions, finding health providers for your client, and keeping everyone updated on the case status. 

You will significantly benefit from streamlining your personal injury case with the legal market’s best personal injury attorney software. All of your initial questions about this savvy software will be answered in this article, so keep reading to understand what personal injury attorney software can do for you and your team.

What is Personal Injury Lawyer Software?

Personal injury lawyer software is an online service that helps attorneys take control of their personal injury case management process, from client intake to settlement negotiations. Designed specifically for personal injury lawyers, cases, health providers, and claimants, this software offers helpful information management and communication features to keep everyone updated and on top of deadlines.

1. What can it do?

LegalStream’s personal injury legal solution options offer many benefits! Here’s a peek at some of the unique features this software can do to help streamline your personal injury case.

2. Share and Organize Documents

Gather all case documents in one online place instead of cramming hundreds of papers into a file cabinet. With this helpful feature, you won’t have to sort through folders and drawers for important information anymore! Plus, you can share crucial details relevant to your case with anyone you choose. 

3. Search for Providers and Lawyers

Attorneys and claimants can add and search for health providers involved with the case using an online portal. Additionally, there’s an online directory for claimants to search for personal injury attorneys and health providers with the appropriate specialty in a specified location.

4. Update Case Status

Lawyers can quickly update the case status with the click of a button, keeping clients and health providers informed of changes at all times. 

5. Request Reductions

A feature also allows attorneys to easily request reductions in their client’s medical bills. Health providers will have easy access to view and respond to these requests. 

6. Track Payments and Expenses

Payments can be made by attorneys through an online portal that keeps track of all expenses and bills. 

7. View Your Company’s Snapshot

Attorneys, healthcare professionals, and clients can stay updated on the companies’ progress with a Dashboard feature that offers a snapshot of pertinent information. 

8. How much does it cost?

Explore LegalStream’s pricing plans to get started with the best personal injury attorney software today. Our plans are always free for claimants, and we have two options for attorneys, health providers, and healthcare facilities. 

9. Claimant


Clients can receive free access to search for the right attorney for their case through the online directory. Here, clients can search by name, specialty, accident type, and location and browse through many personal injury lawyers that could help their case. 

10. Legal or Health Professional

Basic Plan at $0 per month

Attorneys and healthcare providers can take advantage of the free plan that offers unlimited basic professional profiles, staff user and administrator support, directory addresses, document sharing, case creation, and case status updates. This plan also includes an administrative dashboard, but the free version comes with ads. 

Pro Plan at $99 per month

Get everything the free plan offers, plus premium directory visibility and no ads with the pro plan. At extra costs, special features can also be added to your LegalStream plan. 

11. Health Care Facility

Basic Plan at $0 per month

Hospitals, surgery centers, urgent cares, imaging centers, and other health care facilities can explore our free basic plan. This software plan comes with one health care facility profile, staff user and administrator support, directory addresses, document sharing, case creation, case status updates, and an administrative dashboard.

Pro Plan at $99 per month

Upgrade to the pro plan to eliminate ads and benefits from all of the features offered by the free software plan. Plus, you’ll earn premium directory visibility and additional options at an extra cost.

The perfect personal injury legal solution exists for your law firm. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to grow your business, beat competition, and win cases!