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Whether you’re a claimant, an attorney, or a healthcare provider involved in a personal injury case, we have a solution for you. With LegalStream’s online portal, communication between all parties has never been easier!

Personal Injury | Streamlined

Streamline Your Personal Injury Case

LegalStream let's you stay connected with everyone involved in your case. In real time.

Share Documents

Upload and share documents through LegalStream that are pertinent to your case. Choose who you want to share documents with.

Add Providers

Claimant’s and attorneys can now add health providers to their case using the LegalStream online portal.

Case Status Updates

Attorneys can now notify their clients and health providers of the case status in real time.

Professional Directory

Search for and connect with personal injury attorneys and health providers anywhere in the nation with LegalStream’s online directory.

HIPAA Secured

Documents can now be safely stored and shared between all parties with LegalStream’s HIPAA secured portal.

Request Reductions

Upon settlement, clients and attorneys can discuss medical bill reductions with health providers.

Track Payments

Attorneys can make and track payments to health providers with ease through the LegalStream’s online portal.

Company Snapshot

Clients, attorneys, and health providers can keep track of important information with LegalStream’s online “Dashboard” feature.

Personal Injury | Streamlined

Attorney Solutions

With LegalStream you can easily select a Health Provider to review your case, provide medical care for your client, and communicate efficiently while keeping all medical records in one central and secure location.

Personal Injury | Streamlined

Healthcare Provider Solutions

With LegalStream, you can receive and review personal injury referrals, get real time updates on the process of your clients’ cases, and communicate directly with the patient and attorney’s office via our HIPAA secure online portal.

Personal Injury | Streamlined

Client testimonials

LegalStream is a customer driven organization that aims to make our clients' processes easier. We are continuously making improvements with one focus at the center; our clients.

LegalStream is a great tool to keep optimal communication with the attorneys we work with. It is user friendly and helps track all patient information on one single platform. It is amazing how I can reduce my several emails and still have all the information available to everyone including patients, attorneys, and other health providers.
Amruta S. Healthcare Adminisrator
Personal Injury | Streamlined

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